About Moi

Hi, I’m Claire


I’m a senior Journalism/Mass Communication and Marketing major at St. Bonaventure University. Yes, I said senior. Meaning I’m graduating in May (are you hiring?? just kidding. But really).

I’m doing this blog for a capstone project and it will be about students who have studied abroad. Meaning not in the USA. Meaning who have actually left the country and experienced what else is out there!! I want to share their experiences, memories, awful situations they got themselves into (and hopefully out), tips on where to go and what to see. I also will talk to Study Abroad program directors to get their sides of the story and share what goes on in their job. Anything “study abroad” related is fair game to see on here.

My writing varies, so work with me. Sometimes, I write how I talk. I throw in too many smiley faces, then go through and delete about half before posting. Same with exc  lamation marks. I tend to repeat them too!!!???? ( that wasn’t a question, I was just demonstrating 🙂 ) << see what I did there? Hee hee. Other times, I will be very serious, probably when I do interviews and am writing important, serious things, as opposed to my own random responses.

Anyway, I hope this is all okay with you.

I honestly will read and try to respond to every comment and follow I get. I appreciate the input! Really 🙂

You’re still reading aren’t you…………

Well, thanks for stopping by to the “About Moi” page. Please, stay a while on my site! Read! Comment! Like! Share!

Thank you.

xo/ Claire



  1. I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check out the details here!


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