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Post Ten: Interview with Liz

It’s Friday!!! It’s the 25 days until graduation celebration! It’s a good day 🙂

Two week ago, I asked two people, Mairead and Liz, if they would agree to an interview about their abroad city size. I thought I might have needed a back up for some reason? Luckily, they both got back to me! Instead of choosing just one story to share with you, I of course wanted to share both since they both so nicely agreed.

Please meet Liz, a friend of a friend who lived in Genoa, Italy- or as it is in Italian, Genova–  for a semester one year ago:


Home University: RIT
Abroad University: RIT in conjunction with A Door to Italy – Scuola di Italiano
When you traveled: May-July
Rate your study abroad program out of 10: 8
City you stayed in: Genoa

If you’re not familiar with where Genoa is, please see map below, found from this site:

I asked Liz the same questions as Mairead and Brittany, just so I could learn all the same information. Genoa’s population is actually larger than both Perugia and Lisbon, with a total of 608,154 as of 2011. Now, on to Liz:

Claire:  Before you got to your host city, what did you expect it to be like?
Liz: I couldn’t even tell you, I think I expected to feel more out of place than I did… I prepared myself by reading about the culture, and I brought clothes that were appropriate and wouldn’t scream “American.”

C: When you got there, was it what you expected? What was different/the same as what you imagined/were told?
L: It was better than I could have imagined, I felt like I was in a fairy tale with all the old historic architecture, the friendly sociable people, the atmosphere….I didn’t necessarily have expectations other than the desire to have an open mind and enjoy the culture through a unbiased perspective.


C: Would you consider your host city to be rural/small/medium-ish/large/booming..? What were the signs that showed off it’s size?
L: Definitely large, the city was over crowded. I think what really made me realize the size was when I climbed these beautiful stairs that led to an overlook, and I was able to see the entire city panorama- you could practically leap from rooftop to rooftop.

C: What did you see as the pros/cons of the size of your host city?
L: The only thing that actually bothered with was the fact that they didn’t have any regulations on animals. In Genova, more people had pets than children- so we’d walk down to the port and there’d be packs of dogs playing together, which was nice. But no one would pick up after their dogs… so the major con was the lack of cleanliness.

Pros was the fact that you could walk everywhere! I miss that here.

C: When you traveled to a smaller/larger city, did you find yourself appreciating your city more, or disliking it?
Each city was a unique experience, and I appreciated each as that. But Genova felt like home more than anywhere else.

C: If you could go back again, would you pick the same size city, or a larger/smaller one? Why?
L: If I were to ever go back, I’d like to move to city in Tuscany, or a smaller village the Alps. I definitely missed being near nature when I was in Genova.


C: Do you think it’s important to travel while you’re young? Why?
L: Most definitely. My thought process was, it’s now or never.

I’ll end this week’s blog with Liz’s quote: IT’S NOW OR NEVER! Thank you to Liz for being a part of my blog and for all these great pictures! Have a great weekend everyone 🙂

All photo credits to Liz Purcell


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