Posted by: claire.mangine | April 8, 2013

Oops. I’m back!

With my constant job searching/interviewing/emailing/online networking, along with the end of the semester approaching (meaning lots of school work being thrown in) I’m sorry to admit that I have fallen behind with this little blog of mine. I’ve been doing big posts on Fridays and little posts on Wednesdays, but realized that I missed this whole past week completely.

Oooops, sorry! I’m back!

I hope everyone enjoyed my last blog featuring Brittany who traveled to Perugia, Italy for the second semester of her sophomore year. I wanted to interview Brittany to share her opinion of staying in a smaller city compared to a major city such as… Lisbon, Portugal… the location I’ll feature in my next big blog post!
After some research. I learned that Perugia’s population is 168,066 as of 2010. Lisbon’s population is 547, 631 as of 2011. Therefore, I can refer to Perugia as “tiny” in comparison, am I right? 
So, for Wednesday, I’ll introduce you to Mairead who lived in Portugal for a semester and you can read her opinion of living in a larger city, compared to Brittany’s perspective of living in a smaller one. 

Keep your eyes out for that! Have an enjoyable last few hours of the weekend 🙂 In the mean time, I’ll leave you with one of my favorite pictures I took of the city center in Perugia. Lovely!


xo/ claire

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