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Post Six- Interview with Colleen

It’s Friday! Happy St. Patrick’s Day weekend! As I said on Wednesday, the next two entries will feature students who have studied abroad in Spain. This week, a fellow Bonnie: Colleen

ImageStudy Abroad Destination: Seville, Spain
When Traveled: Fall Semester of junior year (Sept.-Dec. 2011)
Program Traveled with: CCIS
Program Rating out of 10: 9
University Attended while Abroad: CCIS and Universidad de Sevilla
Home University: St. Bonaventure University

Claire M: How many people came from your university or were in your program total? Were they all American?
Colleen H: None from Bonaventure, All were American in my program, there were about 20 of us.

CM: What was your living arrangement? Were you in a dorm or with a family? What was the family like?
CH: I lived with a family. A single, divorced mother in her late 30s and 2 young girls, one was 5 and one was 7.


CM: What other countries and cities did you travel to while in Spain?
CH: I traveled to Barcelona, Madrid, Cadiz, Jerez de la Frontera, all over Sevilla, and Paris, France.

CM: What was your favorite country/city and why? What was your least favorite country/city and why?
CH: I liked Sevilla the best because I spent the most time there (obviously) and got to know all about it and everything it had to offer. I also thought it was the most beautiful.

I least liked Paris because of the boring tourist things I did while I was there. I would have much rather done more Parisian cultural activities.


Wasn’t I just saying that some people find Paris unenjoyable because it’s too touristy? But then others find it incredible? Why is that??? Must research…

CM: If you could give advice to a prospective study abroad student, what would you tell them?
CH: Get out of your house and meet the local people and explore your city as much as you can.

CM: What was your favorite part about the whole experience?                                                  CH: The people I met and the knowledge I gained.

CM: What was your least favorite, and most difficult part of the experience? How did you over come these difficulties?
CH: Knowing the language already really helped me, however the Sevillana people have thick accents so it took me a while to get used to. It was difficult to understand my professors for the first couple of weeks in my classes, however by not giving up or tuning out and starting to understand what certain phrases meant, I overcame that difficulty.

Below, watch a video taken by Colleen to see two people dancing the Sevillanas:

CM:  How would you rate the program that brought you to Spain, and the University that you attended while you were there, out of 10? Consider the application process, the professors and staff being helpful, if they spoke English, were there interesting classes and field trips…
CH: I would give it a 9. CCIS was very helpful about giving information or ideas on things to try/see. The classes were somewhat interesting. The CCIS class was very interesting.

Gracias to Colleen for participating in this interview and for your great video footage!
Have a good weekend everyone 🙂

Photo and video credit: Colleen Hawkins


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