Posted by: claire.mangine | March 14, 2013

This Week…SPAIN!

An update! This Friday you’ll get to read an interview from a good friend, Colleen. She studied abroad in Seville, Spain during her fall semester junior year. The week after that, I’ll share Brian’s story. He studied in Spain not once, but TWICE!

Now that I’ve shared the theme of the next two weeks, I get to share my experience of Spain! A year ago today, I was in the works of planning my own trip to Madrid. I was there from the weekend of March 16-18, 2012.
A close family friend, Mary Fran, was in Spain on business, and knowing I was already in Italy, invited me to join her for an incredibly fancy weekend!

This Madrid trip was the nicest weekend of my whole study abroad experience. Mary Fran hired a personal tour guide for a day, brought me to the highest rated restaurants in the city, and not to mention, we stayed in a stunningly beautiful hotel unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Nothing like the hostels I was used to (please see my previous London review).


Madrid was a city incredibly full of life. Usually I think that’s the corniest thing to say ever, but I will only use it to describe Madrid. It was bustling and moving and fast and talkative and beautiful! Madrid-ians (?) take their time with everything. They enjoy breakfast, they go to work, they have a nap in the afternoon and then go out for tapas (afternoon snacks!), they hang out again until dinner- which is after 10pm. They stay out til 4am. They live the life.


Although I was only there for a weekend, I found the locals of Madrid to be very friendly people. They spoke English to you if they knew it, they tried their hardest to direct you to places even if they could only tell you in Spanish. Right when I got off the metro and pulled my map out, an older woman asked (I think) where I was going and once I said the name, pointed in the direction I should be heading. How sweet! And such a kind encounter right when I arrived in the city.

Madrid was incredible. Definitely on the list of places I have to travel back to. Please check out my original travel blog about my weekend in Madrid to hear more of what I did there!



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