Posted by: claire.mangine | February 27, 2013

My review of London

While I’m on a London kick here on my study abroad blog (please see last Friday’s post featuring Lauren’s experience in London, and look out for this Friday’s post that will feature Mike) I thought I would share my opinion of the city. Because I went there too, you know…..

Literally on this exact date this year I landed in London with my two roommates to explore the city while on Spring Break. A YEAR AGO? Doesn’t seem real. We chose to stay in a hostel in Victoria called The White Fery, (with recommendations from friends who previously visited) which I think we all decided was not the best idea in the long run. We somehow never took advantage of the Tube (subway) which I sure would have lead us to an awesome club in another part of the city.

This hostel did offer a free breakfast, but was PACKED with students from all over the world. We were the only Americans and stayed in a closet-size room with three tier bunk beds-with nine people stuffed in there. It wasn’t in a very central location and there was no nightlife or attractions located close by. We took full advantage of the three day open-top bus tour to see the rest of the city.

If you’re going to be in London for a short time, I suggest buying one of these bus passes. They’re hop-on-hop-off so you can stay on for however long you want, get off at a location, then get right back on. It’s pretty fun and the recording that plays the whole time describing what you’re passing is very informative! Bus routes took us right to, or close to, destinations such as Big Ben, Abbey Road and Buckingham Palace–PS We saw the Queen here during the Changing of the Guards! TOO COOL. 

I also suggest checking out a musical, if you want to have a low key night. Because we gave up on trying to find a cool bar/pub/club near by, we settled on seeing Wicked. London is the Broadway of Europe, or so I have heard, so they advertise show tickets everywhere! It was a great production.


I really liked London, as I said it was a welcome change to constantly hearing/trying to speak Italian, but if I were to go back I definitely would stay in a different location than Victoria and NOT at that awful hostel!

xo/ crm


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