Posted by: claire.mangine | January 31, 2013

Post One

Hello world, and WordPress peeps. Welcome to my first blog entry for my Capstone Project currently called- Travel While You’re Young (beware, I’m indecisive, this might change). As a second semester senior at St. Bonaventure University, this blog is actually mandatory. But for the first time in probably my life, this kind of mandatory will be fun 🙂 (right??)

Here’s the gist of what I’m about to get myself in to for the next 10 or so weeks:

1. This will be a blog about students who have studied abroad.
2. This will also be a blog about their experiences, tips, troubles, regrets, travels, advice, stories, pictures, videos, quotes, disasters, miracles, memories and whatever else they care to share.
3. I’ll interview Study Abroad Program Directors about their jobs, procedures they go through to get students to their destinations, likes and dislikes about their position, and whatever else they feel is relevant.
4. City reviews will be featured, providing information on which cities overseas are incredible and which are so-so, giving tips, must-do’s, must-see’s, and packing info.
5. Program reviews will be featured as well, like the ones offered at SBU which take a group of students to places such as Oxford and Spain to spend a few weeks immersed in that culture.

You will also get some input from yours truly (that’s me now) whenever I want to butt in and share MY experiences with you. As a student who spent the second semester of her junior year studying abroad in Perugia, Italy, I have a lot to share…I promise.

So- I’ll post at LEAST once a week, all you have to do is follow me, add suggestions, contact me if you want to share anything, share this with your friends, or just read along when you want to see where this blog is headed. You’ll probably be as surprised as I am at the end 🙂






  1. I really like you subjects!!
    Can’t wait to read them!
    Next year will be my third year as a photography student and by that time
    I must have a internship.
    We are allowed to work in our own country ( which is the Netherlands )
    but if I get the chance to go abroad I won’t hesitate!
    I think you’ll a great sourse of information!

    Good luck ^_^
    x Chellsy

    • Hi Chellsy!
      Thanks for the comment. I had a great time when I went abroad to Italy and I hope you can do the same! I’m so happy to have a fan from the Netherlands. Check back soon and I hope you can get some tips about your future travels 🙂

  2. This specific article, “Post One | Travel While You’re Young” was in fact remarkable. I am generating out a duplicate to present to my buddies. Many thanks-Glenn

    • Hi, Glenn. Glad to hear you liked my first post! Hope your buddies are also lovin it. Thanks, Claire

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